Denemax Consulting


Denemax Consulting is a national company specialising in the adaptation of companies to the LOPD, LSSI, consultancy, occupational risk prevention, training, ICT services, website development, corporate image design, event design and implementation consultancy and Outsourcing in its Global Commercial environment.

We collaborate with different national companies from different sectors, bringing together experience and knowledge in order to provide the best solutions adapted to the different needs of our clients in a fast and flexible way.

Our clients are the main axis around which the whole company revolves with the sole objective of contributing to the improvement of their business in close collaboration and under the prism of a partner of interest, which allows us to affirm that our philosophy is and always will be «the development and promotion of their business».

Our maxim is that the Client Company is our new partner, so we must all put our knowledge and our best efforts into improving it and obtaining the best results.


At Denemax Consulting we create a working environment and professional development in which all members can progress, creating a positive atmosphere. We encourage the active participation and involvement of each and every one of us.

We encourage the search for excellence in the services provided with the idea of being competitive in the market, not only to satisfy our clients, but also for our personal and professional development and satisfaction. We all form a single team with the same objective.


Our vision

To be your Global Partner in any of the areas of our service offering.

Our mission

  • Our advice is based on the assessment of risks and opportunities.
  • Exceeding our customers’ expectations.
  • To improve the competitiveness and profitability of our Clients, offering global, practical and personalised solutions to each of them.
  • Contribute to the development of our employees.


Denemax Consulting’s corporate culture is based on values that constitute strong commitments:


The basis for the daily work of all members of Denemax Consulting.

Customer orientation

We focus our efforts on the satisfaction of our clients, analysing each case in the search for the most competitive solutions.


We focus on the sum of individualities, on the use of the knowledge of all members of Denemax Consulting and we promote synergies between the different departments, as the company is a single team.

Personal initiative

Each member of the Denemax Consulting team, as well as the new incorporations, must contribute added value to the company, the professionalism and personality of our employees must mark the differential character that allows us to position ourselves as an efficient and dynamic company.

Transparency of action

Honesty and sincerity are characteristics that define the actions of the company in general and of its members in particular. Transparency and coherence, which must be transmitted to our clients, are the dominant values in all the company’s movements.

Commitment to what has been agreed

Differential character

Denemax Consulting wants to provide as an added value differential factors based fundamentally on the team and the people who compose it. Knowledge, preparation and experience are one of the keys to achieving the objectives and results of your company.

We are always looking for that differentiating element that will benefit our clients and provide added value compared to the competition.

We look for and provide you with the best professionals in the different business sectors.

Constant search for excellence in our services.

Development of our own application with direct communication with the AGPD, which manages and delivers the documentation to the client in a WEB environment.            

Strong commitment to results and close collaboration with our Clients.

Exclusive commitment to confidentiality.

Proprietary Global Business Management methodology.


In Denemax Consulting we have a wide range of training courses, which will allow you to train your employees with access to data, depending on their job profiles. These courses will allow you to accredit your commitment and diligence with regard to compliance with the regulations and minimise the risk of a possible breach, as employees will have a broader knowledge of data protection regulations.